Saturday, April 08, 2006

Just Begging for Opinion

I've been busy this week between school and getting that bathroom remodeling job done. I've missed out on all the fun the other bloggers are having. I just have to opine.

Let's start with Earn My Vote, whomever he/she is. There is a post about Ramon Garcia being M.I.A. This isn't cool Judge. Don't be an Al Gore. That guy went looney after losing the election. You lost by such a small margin. You weren't rejected, people just liked JD Salinas better. You need to show up for work or else all your talk about giving full-time results will be just that, all talk. You still have a chance to make things better; I hope you choose to finish your term with dignity.

Regarding the race for Hidalgo County DA. Way to go Rene! Man, I was not very hopeful for Rene. Word on the street is that "the fix is in" to defeat him. Alma Garza and Mauro Reyna have been seen together prior to the primaries (don't forget to tip your waiters). The other day at the COBA student lounge, I saw the famous ad about Alma's husband owing almost half a million bucks to the IRS. My first reaction was, "Goddamn!" I'm afraid it hasn't changed since then. How do you owe that much? In any case. The fact that Rene has come out swinging has renewed my respect for him. If he'd wussed out, he would have deserved to get ousted. Of course, Earn is all over this. Rico Politico also has opined on this. So has South Texas Chisme. Truth be told, I don't know how this will affect the campaign. On the one hand, it probably disgusts half the county that Villareal owes so much and here Garza is running for office. On the other hand, turnout for a runoff probably won't be so high, so it all depends on how many committed voters each candidate can churn out. I was going to skip the runoff, but now I'm convinced to go in. Perhaps others feel the same. This is the sort of thing I love in politics.

On the one hand, perhaps Rene Guerra has become complacent after so many years. On the other hand, you can't jump at every accusation out there. After all, he has a responsibility to prosecute cases he can win. The county's budget and personnel are not unlimited. The DA's office has a responsibility to prosecute slam-dunk cases and to investigate the not-so-easy cases as time and resources permit. So, I'll give him that much credit. After so many years, he may have a feel for what cases will get a conviction and which ones will be a strain. Alma Garza's proposition of bringing a change to the DA's office sounds slightly hollow to me with her being a former employee. Mauro Reyna would have been a change. Replacing an insider with an insider? Better the devil you know...
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