Sunday, April 23, 2006

Visit to Hillbilly's

After leaving the wedding reception for my cousin last night, my sister, my wife, and I decided to go out for a drink somewhere. My wife and I just hit our 30s and my sister is still in her 20s. We tried to think of somewhere to go. There are clubs like XS, Club Mint, and others that are popular, but it's mostly kids. A bunch of 18 to 24 year olds trying to look cooler than each other. Guys trying to look more badass than the other guys and the girls trying to wear as little clothing as possible. You have to be trendy and look like you've got money, even if you don't. That's cool when you're younger and have no sense. After a certain age, conversation starts to become important.
So we discussed some options. City Breeze is cool, but it hurts, physically, to buy a drink there. They nail you pretty good for a beer; don't even mention a mixed drink. Good thing there at City Breeze is that you can be outside and don't have to shout so loud to chat. None of us had been to Hillbilly's, which is just north of Dove in McAllen, by the tracks. So, we decided to try something new. It's an alright place. True to the name, it's decked out in a country theme. There's a mechanical bull. There are big bouncers inside. Most importantly, they have country music. The only place I've seen that many jeans and cowboy hats was at the Freer Rattlesnake Roundup. It was pretty neat.
I don't know if it is was part of the decor or the result of cowboy anger, but the men's room door has some holes punched through it. I was kind of hoping there would be a brawl breaking out to complete the stereotype. What I really dig about Hillbilly's is that they have the big, grey Rubbermade trash cans around the interior where people just walk by and toss their empty beer bottles. The result is a loud impact of a bottle upon bottles. The whole experience is a bit raw and Texan. I'm sorry that I don't have any western wear. I'm not that big into country, although I can two-step and look good in tight jeans and boots. My wife who does like country music, can't dance it or dress it. How's that for wierd? We'll probably go back, someday.

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