Thursday, April 20, 2006

Went Bike Riding

Today was a good day for bike riding. There was a nice breeze that kept the temperature outside tolerable, even at midday. I was able to do 14 miles. I bought a computer for my bike, so now I don't have to guess how far I ride. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't a strain. I doubt I'll feel any soreness. I did, after all, ride about 6 miles last week. Those of you who engage in a sport know that it doesn't take too long to get reconditioned.

Today's route was from my apartment to Quick Wok, to Mission City Hall, to Mission CISD, to Mission Library, and then just puttering around town. I even stopped by Hollywood Video to pay late fees. I have some pictures on flickr.

Later, I'll be posting what will be on the MCISD ballot for May on I found out that the City of Mission is not having any elections this May.

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Gene Espinoza said...

No elections in May! Well we'll make up for that over here in Edinburg. Things are heating up. Sorry about the late fees. I like Blockbuster's deal, can keep extra 5 days with no late charge.

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