Friday, April 14, 2006

The end is near

Denise asked me to find the article where Al Gore predicts the end of life on Earth due to global warming. So, I found it.
The whole thing started with my assertion that Gore went nutty after losing the election. The context in wich I wrote it was that the current County Judge should not go MIA. He should continue to serve to the best of his ability and keep his head high because he lost by just the slightest margin. If this were a landslide loss, I would understand him feeling rejected. But with slightly less than 50% of the vote, he has a chance to do other things, including taking on Juan Maldonado.
If you recall, after the election, Al Gore lost his seat in Tennessee and went MIA. When Gore reappeared, he was all Grizzly Adams and had dreams of starting a TV network. He also went around doing speaches eviscerating the President for any decision. Every time he showed up on a TV show, he kept making jokes about his loss and how he has moved on, despite not being asked about it.
I think Judge Garcia is smarter and classier than that. He should continue to give us his best to the very end of his term. This way, he can hand JD Salinas the keys to the county in great condition, hoping all the while that JD runs it into the ground. Hey, Garcia can hope too.
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