Sunday, April 23, 2006

An RGV Wedding

Last night I had the honor of seeing my cousin Alexandra married. She and her older sister, Aidee, are daughters of my uncle, Guadalupe Humberto Silva, who died when Alexandra was months old in an auto accident in Montana. My aunt, Emma, and my uncle met in Reynosa and lived as migrants while they were married. That is why they were in Montana.
My mother was crying as she saw Alexandra in her wedding dress. My uncle was my mother's baby brother. She wished that he were here to see his beautiful daughter on this day.
The reception was nice. There was a DJ and mariachis for music. There was family from both sides of the border in attendance. The reception hall catered with brisket, potato salad, spanish rice, dinner roll, and iced tea.
I could go into more detail about what a wedding is like here in the RGV for the majority of residents here. Believe it or not, most people here don't have multi-thousand dollar budgets for their weddings. For most of us, a wedding and reception are about sharing a special time with family and friends. So, the demands on guests are not as princess stingent. I'll save that for another post.

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