Monday, April 03, 2006

Useful books

I've read a couple of useful books for this whole blogging and podcasting stuff. This morning on KURV, there was a feature on Podcasting for Dummies, which is one of the books I read. This book gives you details about what equipment to buy, what software you need, how to put a show together, and other useful tips. I recommend this book if you want to start podcasting.

Another cool book, which wasn't mentioned, is Blog Marketing. This book was tough for me to put down. The author explains several compelling reasons why businesses or other organizations benefit from blogging. I could definitely see some applications within a government intranet. Some of the suggestions would also be really useful for political candidates, who, after all, must market themselves. Although the book is mostly about business, the applications of the concepts are more far-reaching. This is a must read if you are looking for that extra touch to make your organization more streamlined. Keep in mind that blogging doesn't have to be seen by the world. You can have a private blog withing your organization's network for sharing information in a timely manner. Blogs don't get routed into the spam folder or sit ignored in an inbox. Read the book, and you'll come up with some uses for blogs.

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