Friday, April 28, 2006

General Disclaimer

When reading RGV Life, you are seriously in danger of getting bent out of shape. The intent of this blog is to share the experience of living in the Rio Grande Valley with people who do not live here. A secondary purpose is to give the author(s) a place to comment on or criticize local government and politicians. Failing miserably at both, RGV Life has a backup purpose: proving how stupid one CAN get. RGV Life proudly proclaims our success at the last goal.

Shaine Mata, that would be me, is totally unqualfied, according to critics, to form any opinion on any topic, ever. That is the level of consideration you should give the content contained herein. Shaine is moronic, offensive, sophomoric, ... adjectives fail me. Shaine has been known to be spectacularly wrong in order not to half-ass the effort. Shaine even goes so far as changing his mind when the facts require it. Reading my posts is like watching with fascination at something that just keeps getting worse.

The author assumes no responsibility for anything. This is a stupid blog amongst millions on the web. Nothing gets resolved here and nothing gets started here. RGV Life does one of the simplest things in the world. See things happen, write about it. No serious talent is required. There are guest bloggers added to RGV Life to give the blog some credibility. If you read their posts, you'll see their capacity to form intelligent, coherent arguments about their respective interests.

For your continued pleasure, I will keep interviewing people and making a fool of myself. You will still get the occasional picture of my activities. And the audio posts will still be available. By providing this general disclaimer, I absolve myself of having to ever say I'm sorry. You know what you're getting into. You have been warned.

Having said that, thanks for reading RGV Life. I hope I've provided you with some laughs. I know I've ticked some of you off. C'mon, you like it. I don't suspect these will change in the foreseeable future. Thanks for your tolerance (don't be a hater).

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