Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Possibility

There is a job opening at the Hidalgo County Elections office for Technician II. I'm going to apply for it. I applied for a similar job a few weeks ago without success. The requirements for education and experience are almost identical:
  • HS Diploma or GED and at least forty (40) hours of college coursework in the area of computer field.
  • Must have at least three (3) years experience in computer repairs.
  • Knowledge of industry standard hardware and software is preferred.
This is perfect for me. I meet those requirements. As for Certificates, Licenses and Registrations:
  • Employee must have a current valid Texas motor vehicle operator's license.
  • Must be able to be insured by the County's insurance carrier.

No technical certification is specified nor does it say that it is preferred. I have a license and am insurable.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performs or participates with others to perform technical repair services of computers, printers, terminals and networking devices. (standard stuff, can do it with my eyes closed)
  • Required travel to various points around Hdalgo County to pick up and deliver or field service equipment. (this is cool)
  • Assists or provides cable-pulling and termination services as required. (been there, done that)
  • Good troubleshooting and repair techniques. (I'm good)
  • Reads electronic schematics and makes necessary repairs with minimum supervision. (standard stuff)
  • Good organizational skills are required in order to keep proper maintenance records and allocate costs to individual jobs. (with as many computers as they use, it's vital to keep records. Would have done it even if they do not require it)
  • Neat and orderly maintenance of the computer area a must. (I would get paid to clean)
  • Knowledge of and exercise of proper safety procedures are required. (bend at the knees, not at the waist).
  • Some evening and weekend work will be required. (cool, I love crunch times)
  • Ability to work well with others (there better be others, it's a lot of work for one person)
  • Performs such other duties as may be assigned (I'm game to pickinug up lunch for the office people)
  • Regular attendance is a must. (I called in sick at Confetti 0 times in 3 years. I got sent home once because I was sick).

There are other things listed as other skills and abilities that basically delineate the need for somebody who can understand complex things and figure out solutions and who will work well with others during stressful periods.

I'm a shoe-in for the job. Of course, I applied for almost the exact same job in another department some weeks back without so much as a "thank you for your interest... sorry, the position has been filled" letter. I'll do even better. I'll stop by the elections office for some information I need for SpinRGV. This way I get the information I need and Teresa Navarro can put a face to the name when she sees my application.

Any wagers on my chances? The application closing date is April 17. Place your bets.

I should visit Ms Lola for a cleansing ritual.


Anonymous said...

You didn't show up for your interview bro! If you go check with the HR Dept. you were on the interview list.

Writer said...

Shoot. I never knew about the interview.

I found out yesterday that the position at the elections office was closed early. So, there's no shot there. HR did, however, take the application.

I really should see Miss Lola.

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