Friday, April 28, 2006

Get those gas prices down!

There is a Senator who has an idea to lower gas taxes who is being ignored by the media. It took me forever to find a link to this guy, even after watching him on Your World with Neil Cavuto. No media bias, my $$$. Anyway, his idea is to shift the taxation of gasoline from the federal government to the states. This would eliminate the inefficiency of sending money to Washington and having them send the money back.

His idea is this. The federal government used the gas tax, which is a little over 18 cents per gallon, to build the Interstate highway system. The highways are complete and only need maintenance. By taking out the federal tax, states can raise their gas tax and save taxpayers money by eliminating federal administration costs. Currently, our gas taxes are roughly 20 cents federal and 20 cents state. So, on the $2.72 price at the pump, about 40 cents is taxes. Let's say that taking out the federal portion and giving it to the state results in some efficiency. Even a 10 cent difference would be great.

Want to raise money for I-69? Hey, Texas could build their part of the highway and coordinate with other states to connect all the way to Canada. Why wait for the feds? We'd be cutting out the naysayers in the federal government. Rather than wait for the feds to expand U.S. 83, TxDOT could do it with less trouble.

How much influence do you have on a US Congressman versus a State Rep? By shifting gas taxes to the state, we would have more control over road projects and gas taxes. If Austin were smart, they'd jump all over this for total control of Texas road money.

Of course, this is all a sham, just like the immigration issue. They're pulling your chain. Just watch how prices will go down as we get closer to the elections. If we're lucky, according to Bill Krystol, the Dems will win one of the houses of Congress this year so that they have a chance to screw things up in time for the 2008 elections for Republicans to recapture it. I could care less at this point. I sold my truck and get around on a bike. My roads are built by the city. Stick that in your calculator!


denise said...

I don't know enough about DeMint's proposal, but I know he's voted for some pretty heinous things in the past. He's right up there (or should I say down there?) with the likes of Rick Santorum and Tom Tancredo in my book

As for Bill Kristol, I'm guessing you watched last night's Colbert Report? He was massacred by America's new master satirist. He was grasping for straws like nobody's business.

Kristol was left speechless after Mr. Colbert treated him like any other guest on FOX. He was puffy, red-faced, and out of his league. Republicans don't understand smart satire unless it's directed against gays, immigrants and the least among us....or if it bites them in their lily-white, chickenhawk asses.

Unfortunately, I can't ride my bike to Edinburg from San Manuel..otherwise, I most definitely would.

Writer said...

I've read a little about DeMented's other stuff. But this idea sounds good. It makes sense to shift the taxes to the states.

I didn't see Bill Kristol, I had class. He's not much of a debater. He seems rather nerdy. I think Colbert is funny, but don't have the chance to watch very often. My Republican ass is brown, by the way, especially with the biking. LOL

I agree Edinburg to San Manuel is a bit of a stretch. I'm sure you'll have opportunities in the future.

So what do you think of the Spanish national anthem?

denise said...

So you bike with assless chaps, then? I love it. My hat is off to you, Mr. Mata.

I've printed out DeMint's proposal so I can skim through it during lunch. Hopefully, I'll get back to you with a cojent response.

You can always go to and click on the Motherload section. You can see the Daily Show & the Colbert Report clips in their entirety.

Also, has tons of relevant news clips, including the Colbert/Kristol exchange. (You should also see Colbert's performance at the White House correspondents dinner this past weekend)

I used to bike to work when I lived in Seattle, but I'd hook my wheels onto the bus for the ride neighborhood wasn't called Beacon Hill for nothing.

As for the national anthem issue...I don't think it's an issue at all. I can't figure out why the news keeps focusing on it. It sounds cheesy, it's a bad idea, and I honestly don't think anyone gives two shits about it.

Have you heard it? Oy. It's not so easy on the ears.

Writer said...

No, I don't even come close to Team McAllen. When I first started riding, I met Chef (Marcel Fortuin of Le Bistro M). He showed me some trails that have since been destroyed by development. I did everything I could to keep up. In the end, I wound up puking from the effort. I ride 20 to 30 miles. These crazies ride 40 to 50 miles. It will be a while before I'm an assless chap.

Thanks for the links, I'll check out Colbert after finals (I have dial-up speed).

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