Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Not the way I anticipated

I sold my truck and I am sharing the minivan with my wife. This means that I will be biking around the Mission, McAllen, Edinburg area from now on. This is not how I anticipated it would happen. I expect that this will result in some weight loss. I like biking anyway, so I’m cool with it. Doing jobs like I’m doing now doesn’t really require me to be clean and fresh anyway. I think I’ll be fine.


denise said...

I have yet to bike around San Manuel since I moved back from Seattle. I used to bike to work and bus back every day. The ride was pretty much all downhill, with Mt. Rainier and the downtown skyline serving as the backdrop.

I used to throw my bike on the bus to get back because the hills were too steep to feasibly to ride back.

The heat here kills me. I've ridden around my house in the afternoon, but have yet to get the motivation to go any further.

Sorry about your loss.

Writer said...

thanks for your sympathy. I see it as another way of getting out of my comfort zone.

The best time to ride is really early. In the summer, riding past 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning is oppressive. So, between 6 and 7 is a good time. If you ever have the inclination, perhaps we can ride around McAllen or Mission if it's not too hot.

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