Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jaime A. Garcia-Guitar Recital

Six Lute Pieces of the Reinaissance by Anon.
1. Preludio
2. Bianco Fiore
3. Danza
4. Gagliarda
5. Canzone
6. Saltarello

Variations on a theme by Mozart
Fernando Sor (1788-1839)

Rumores de la Caleta
Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909)

Study in A Major
-Danza Mora
-Recuerdos de la Alambra
Francisco Tarrega

Recital at UTPA
Duration:29 minutes, 41 seconds

MP3 File Part 1, MP3 File Part 2


Writer said...

This recital is two recordings. When one ends, give the player some time to load the second recording and automatically start playing. Otherwise, you'll miss the better half of the recital.

Writer said...

If you like Jaime A. Garcia, you may also like Michael D. Mena.

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