Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Too Late

Too late seems to be the theme of my life at the moment. I found out too late that I was scheduled for an interview for a tech job at Hidalgo County. I found out too late that I had a court date at the Mission Municipal Court. I'm getting notices for cool events AFTER they have passed.

Consequently, I am living with the results. I'm jobless, I will have a warrant out for my arrest, and I'm missing the cool stuff.

The jobless thing, I can deal with. I'm still getting requests for handywork. It's not tech-related, but at least there is challenge and variety. The hours are flexible and it pays OK.

The court thing, I may end up with a warrant out for my arrest in Mission due to failure to appear in court. Back in June last year, I think they got some grant from DPS or some program that had Mission PD out in force giving out citations for traffic violations. I got one too for driving 52 in a 30. The thing is, he clocked me long before I arrived at the posted speed limit. I pulled over just a few yards past the sign because I saw the police car get in gear and turn to chase me. Being the only driver around, I knew he was coming for me. Technically, I was driving below the speed limit by the time I passed the sign to stop on the side of the road. I can't argue that I was not speeding, but I can argue that I was doing 52 in a 40. Hey, that's $24 savings.

Anyway, the municipal court could not keep up with all the tickets and I finally got my day in court on April 13th. Given their lack of concern for a timely court date, I have only checked roughly once a month. I checked more frequently in back in June, July, August, and September last year. I requested a reset yesterday and hope it will be granted. If it isn't granted, then I'll have the traffic fine and the fine for failure to appear. I'm going to walk to court in case, given my luck I should say "when", I have no luck fighting the ticket. Given that I have more time than money, I'll push for jail time. I don't suspect it will be pleasant, but I'll let the City foot the bill. Yep, I'm a hardened, cheapskate criminal.

In my Business Law class, Prof. Ramon wrote in the syllabus that he will teach us how to get out of jail. I can't wait for that class. You bet I'm going to take notes. That reminds me, we'll be having Rene Guerra, Hidalgo County District Attorney as a guest speaker in class tomorrow night. Maybe he can tell me how to get out of jail too.

So, overall, I'm having bad luck with finding out things in time. I'm going to be one of those guys that goes around being a day late and a dollar short. It cracks me up how hopeless I am sometimes. I wish I could be sad about my luck, but it's fascinating to see how much worse it can get. It's like watching the movie Monkeybone with Brendan Frasier. That was a horrible movie that I kept watching at the drive-in movies, back when we had one here in McAllen, thinking that it couldn't possibly get worse; and it did. I could really use a good depression right now, but my stupid optimist switch is stuck on the "ON" position.

If you need me, I'll be reading about court procedures. Please leave a comment after the post.


denise said...

I was ambushed by an officer in Austin for not paying a 7 year old speeding ticket. I had just gottn my renewed license before making the big move to Washington state, and after they gave me my temp, an officer stepped out from behind a door and asked if I was Denise Flores of Linn, Texas.


He told me I could pay the ticket+fines OR spend half a day in the pokey and be done with it. I chose the former and he drove me to an ATM near the capitol. He let me sit in the front seat and we talked about country music.

All in all, 'twas a good experience and I never had to appear in court.

I hope all goes well. The paperwork will probably make you want to tear your hair out, but I'll light a metaphorical candle for you here at work.

Writer said...

Thanks for the metaphorical candle. :p

I actually got a ticket for speeding a few years back. No, that's not true. I got a notice of amnesty if I paid for a ticket at SPI. But it wasn't me. I had lost my wallet around that time. Whoever found it used my license. I called SPI and they decided to just drop the case if I sent in an affidavit that it wasn't me.

In this case, it was me, so I can't get out of it. I'm hoping that either the officer doesn't show up or I can persuade the judge to lower the fine. This will be my first speeding ticket ever. Deferred judication maybe?

Writer said...

Deferred Adjudication Group and

It appears that it shows up as an arrest on your criminal record even though it clears your driving record. But then, I can apply for an order of non-disclosure and hope the judge grants it.

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