Monday, March 06, 2006

Plans for tomorrow

Tomorrow will decide the winners in the primaries and maybe a runoff or two. I will be working for the Laura Hinojosa campaign tomorrow as a sign holder at an elementary school near Canton and McColl. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make the foreclosure sale at the courthouse. I'll knock off a little early to shower and then head on out to KURV for the election coverage. I'll be armed with my iRiver and digital camera so that I can document the evening and have it online for you.
Today, need to stop by the campaign headquarters to get details about tomorrow and pick up a sign. Laura Hinojosa will be making the rounds at the polling places to meet and greet voters. I'll see if they have a list of places where she'll be so that if you are interested in meeting her you will know where to find her. It's possible that there may not be a set schedule. In any case, the excitement is building up and the pachangas are getting ready. I bet that the county judge pachanga is going to kick butt, whomever wins. If you're going to mooch, that's the one.
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