Saturday, March 04, 2006

Campaign Post

I went to the Laura Hinojosa campaign HQ today to help out for a while. I need some pictures of her block walkers to make a multimedia "presentation" for Tuesday night. Laura, Sally, Michael, and Elisa were preparing for some stuff. Luckily, I got there in time to help make signs for the polling location signholders, one of whom will be me. I'll be holding a sign in Edinburg. I live in Mission, but I want to catch the foreclosure auction at the courthouse, for extra credit on my businesss law class, which is also on Tuesday. Good thing Spring Break has kicked in, I'll be busy Monday and Tuesday. Anyway, Laura is still running around meeting people and campaigning hard. She has really put a lot of work into the campaign. I know everybody will be so relieved this coming Wednesday. They've been getting up extra early and going home late just to maximize their chances.

I imagine other campaigns are at the end of their ropes right now and can't wait for the primaries to be over. For some candidates, the primaries are just one hurdle. They are hoping to have a runoff election in November. If that happens, they have more work ahead of them. Wouldn't it be cool if JD Salinas and Ramon Garcia had a runoff? We'd get to see them slaughter each other for a few more months and maybe even take the campaign into the million dollar realm. I'm not saying that it's going to happen. We'll probably have a definite winner. But if it were to happen, bloggers would have plenty of material for writing.


Anonymous said...

Why would you want them to slaughter one another? Isn't this bad enough for you already?

Anonymous said...

Well truth Shaine, chances of Ramon and JD going into a runoff are extremely slim and also a runoff would happen in late march/early april.

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for JD though. ;-)

Have fun this week!

Anonymous said...

There cannot be a run off with only 2 candidates. Simple majority wins!

Junkbox said...

A run off happens when NO candidate achieves 50% + 1 vote.

In the case of two candidates this is mathematically impossible.

There will be a winner Tuesday night.

Three races (unless I'm forgetting someone) could finish with the need for a run off.

County Clerk:
Guajardo, Campos, Perez & Morales.
(I doubt it! Guajardo will take it)

District Clerk:
Hinojosa, Guerrero, Mendoza
(Not a chance, Laura takes this on Tuesday!)

Guerra, Garza & Reyna
This one may be between Garza & Guerra. (Reyna would be out!)

Junkbox said...

I hate to sound boorish, but to counter all the predictions in the blogs. I'd like to propose that you make a poll of which candidates will get the LEAST votes in the Countywide races.


Bad job of getting his name out there.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Perez tiene cara de sinvervuenzo - he has the face of no shame. This guy is an immature, oportunistic, liar. Electing him is like electing Omar Guerrero!

Writer said...

Truth be told, I'm enjoying the slugs the candidates are throwing each other. I also like watching Ultimate Fighting.

Katie, thanks for clarifying about runoff. I was thinking about Anrew Perez, who mentioned that as his goal at UTPA, while I was writing about the county judge race.

I'll put up the poll for the candidate with the least votes, just toss me some names. We've got one nominee: andrew perez. Who else?

Make your nominations and wait for me to put up the nominee before voting.

Anonymous said...

Junk, your predictions are that: Junk.


County Clerk: Guajardo & Morales
If Morales doesn't take it on Tuesday, he will in the runoff.

District Clerk: RUNOFF b/w Omar and Laura. Omar takes it.

District Attorney: RUNOFF b/w Rene and one of the others. Rene takes it if the others don't help each other out.

Anonymous said...

"Runoff b/w Laura & Omar" PLEASE!

There will be a revolt if Omar gets more than 6 votes - Omar, Ramon Garcia, Billy Leo, his father, mother & grandmoter. Oh wait, 8 votes - Walo Bazan & Robert Mendoza. Awe shit, 9 votes - Aron Gonzalez voted early.

Prediction OMAR: 9 VOTES.

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