Monday, March 06, 2006

Let it be over

That's what I'm hearing plenty of. Everybody is so ready for the election tomorrow. They want to return to normal lives in which they can go out for a bite to eat and enjoy it. They want to spend time with their families. They want to be able to go home and kick up their feet to watch some mind-numbing TV show and have a beer. Ok, the part about the beer is just me.

In the stories in the newspapers, you only read about the candidates and what they must do to win a race. You read about how much money they have to raise. You read about who accused whom of what.

The press never takes time to recognize all the hard working people who devote so much of their free time to helping get a candidate elected. Also, even though there are paid campaign workers in every camp, they too put their lives on hold for the last few weeks before the big event. The pressure is not just the candidates' alone.

Signs have to be put up. Calls have to be made. Neighborhoods have to be canvassed. You need to make sure your block walkers are well hydrated and get some snacks. There are appointments to track, campaign materials to order, and rentals to pick up and drop off. So many things and so many people go into a campaign, whether the candidate wins or loses. The candidate recognizes the efforts of his or her camp. To everybody else, they go unnoticed.

I want to congratulate all the campaign workers who have put forth such great efforts in this primary. You have all done such a great job. At this point, it's up to the voters. All that is left is to make sure the polling places have signs and sign holders. Make sure that people have transportation to polling places. Your efforts for the most part, will have paid off by now. Voters already have a good idea who they will elect. I hope that your efforts have paid off. If your candidate does not win, you have still fought a good fight and the voters have decided. You can rest after tomorrow's pachangas knowing that you did your best. Thank you for supporting the electoral process by supporting your candidate. Your passion and dedication is inspiring. Good luck tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

seriously shaine, that made me tear up a little!


Anonymous said...

You know this is about the only blog that wasn't biased to one candidate. I appreciate that. It's very disheartening to read vicious postings of the candidates i support.

Writer said...

Thanks. Some of the nastiness tried to creep in, but it just doesn't fit with what I want to do here. That's why I started SpinRGV, to move that sort of thing out. It's peaceful on RGV Life again.

And, Sally, it's almost over. Keep that in mind tomorrow.

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