Friday, March 24, 2006

Hanging up my shingle

Since I’ll be doing handywork, I’ve decided to go back into business. I used to do computer work and kind of fell into handyman stuff. Both pay well enough for me and will provide sufficient income for my basic needs. I’ve sort of expanded the services a little. I will be offering handyman work, computer services, errands, and projects. I need to make up a pricing list and figure out what

So, I just ordered some business cards and ordered a new website. The new domain name resolves on the Internet now, but the “account” is still not set up; it takes 24 hours. I will be heading out to the Courthouse tomorrow to register my assumed name. Once I’ve got that set up and have edited the new website, I’ll be posting the business name, which luckily had an available domain. I also need to go to the comptroller’s office to file for a tax ID and to figure out which services are taxable. Once I do that, I can open a checking account.

I’ve got a marketing theme that should be easy to put onto materials and incorporate onto a website at low cost. After that, it’s a matter of setting mental business hours (being that I’m the boss I need to schedule my staff, me). Oh, and I need some invoice books for accounting purposes.

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