Thursday, March 02, 2006

Interview with Bob Gammage

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I thought I was done with politics for the season with the approach of the end of early voting. Next week is election day. After what just happened, I guess it's not over, yet. I went to get a sandwich at the Student Union and I saw Eric Cardenas Jarvis meeting voters. I was headed back to the Business Administration building when I saw Aaron Peña (both of them), Don Medina, Andrew Perez, and as seen in this picture, Bob Gammage. Medina said he'd give me an interview, so hopefully we can hook up later.

I have the audio of the interview, but I have to do some editing. I only had my headset with me, so you'll hear Mr. Gammage but not me. So, I need to cut out the parts where I am asking questions. As soon as I can hear the interview, maybe it's good enough to post unedited.

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture! Who loves short-shorts? I love short shorts!!!

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