Monday, March 20, 2006

New Bloggers on the Scene

It looks like The Monitor is getting into blogging. I noticed that they put in a blog link on the site ( So, what does this mean for the current Rio Grande Valley bloggers?

Does the fact that professional writers are getting in on the action validate our hobby as something of value?

Are they going to show us what real writers can do?

I'm wondering how this project will turn out. A while back, The Monitor tried using forums. I think that the vulgarity that is common in unmoderated venues put them off, so they shut that project down. I noticed that the blogs they have now ARE moderated. What's the fun in that? I suppose that reporters may have little side stories, adventures, or tidbits of stories that don't fit into The Monitor's main sections. So, hopefully they'll be a source for news that doesn't get printed. We'll see.

The new blogs will include direct RSS feeds to individual writers. For now, not all of them are blogging, so I put up the newsfeed for all the bloggers collectively on SpinRGV. Later on, when they start posting more, I'll probably add individual feeds for the writers. For example, Victoria Hirschberg usually covers Mission and politics, so she'd be on of my first picks for a dedicated feed. You get the picture right?

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