Thursday, March 02, 2006

Interview with Bob Gammage-Audio

DSCN0223I got a chance to sit down with Bob Gammage at the University of Texas
Pan American in Edinburg. He had a few moments to share his views with
me regarding a couple issues that affect the Rio Grande Valley and the
state of Texas as a whole.

The audio captures Gammage but not me as I was not planning on doing
an interview. Here are the questions I asked:

So, I was asking you earlier, why did you decide to run for governor?

Do you have any plans for the RGV when you become governor?

What do you see as far as your role as far as violence on the border

Do you have a good relationship with Republicans in Congress?

I meant like in the Texas Legislature.

Do you have any plans or initiatives planned for when you become

What kind of changes will you be making in healthcare?

In Hidalgo county or along the border, tuberculosis is a big
healthcare problem. The county has had a shortage. Does the state help
counties with indigent healthcare?

I appreciate your time.

Duration:18 minutes, 2 seconds
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Writer said...

I finally finished editing the interview for clarity. I also put in an intro and an end. In order to keep the download small, I opted out of putting in music. If you listened to the previous audio in which you can't really hear my questions, I cut out those parts and re-recorded them in the SpinRGV studio (a room in my apartment). With a little splicing, I was able to make the interview sound better.

Anonymous said...

Shaine, get your crap together!

Your not getting as many comments as before.

By the way, whose the chick in the short shorts?

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