Sunday, March 12, 2006

Don't freak out

I am redesigning the blog from scratch just to make it stand out a little. It's time for RGV Life to outgrow the standard blogger template and become something on its own. So, you may see it do different things while I tweak it here and there. I would like it to have the 3 column look, so I may end up doing that. The only issue is that I need to refresh my CSS skills from so long ago.The content will remain the same. I'll still post pics and articles about the Rio Grande Valley. Hang in there while I figure this out.

I finally got the layout I wanted. Now it's just a matter of organizing the stuff on the sides a little better. I am also working to streamline some of the administration between SpinRGV and RGV Life to make life easier. I'll be adding newsfeed buttons up higher later on. I've also added a side adsense script and there is another in the comments section.


Writer said...


Junkbox said...

Good job! Little glare, but good!

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