Thursday, March 16, 2006

Morning at UTPA

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I usually arrive at UTPA before 7 when I have a morning class. This way I get a good parking spot and a chance to drink some coffee. This morning I swiped the digital camera from home to take some self-portraits. I generally take pictures of everybody else, so I don't appear in as many photos.

Usually, at this hour, there are a few people around, but nothing is open. If you want coffe, you have to shell out 75 cents at a coffee machine. The library is closed. Some classrooms are closed. The Student Union is closed. On the plus side, it's quiet and you have a few moments of peace and tranquility to start the day.

There was a light rain last night as evidenced by the wet sidewalk. The temperature is cool. If it weren't for the presence of mesquites and absence of maple trees, it almost seemed like a summer morning in Wisconsin.

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