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Fwd: [Energetik] April 1st, 2006||IG presents VIRUS feat. REID SPEED

In case you're into club music and ravish things, Energetik has this going on here in the McAllen area... wrote:
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 18:47:32 -0700
Subject: [Energetik] April 1st, 2006IG presents VIRUS feat. REID SPEED

Instinctive Grooves presents

an April Fools Day weekend
Farenhite Nightclub; Rio Grande Valley

The Wikipedia defines a computer virus as a self
replicating/self-reproducing-automation program that spreads by putting in
copies of itself into other executable code or documents. A computer virus
behaves in a very similar way to biological virus, where it spreads by
inserting itself into living cells. Tonight we?re going mimic a computer virus to infect you with a virus known worldwide as the sounds of Drum and Bass, with a dash of Breaks
spread thru out the night. Get ready to feel the low end vibrate in your chest
with additional sound being brought in for low end enhancements, and artists
that have spread there infectious sounds from L.A, to DC, to UK, to the
prospering South Texas RGV, this is a special one off event.

Your hosts for the evening:

Breakbeat Science Direct Drive; Los Angeles

It was only a matter of time before the USA?s first lady of Drum & Bass was
to come thru the prospering RGV dance scene. Reid Speed began her DJ career in
the New York City drum & bass underground in the early to mid 90?s. By the
summer of '97 she was a resident of rave promoters Stuck on Earth and the
following year a member of the Direct Drive crew. At the same time Reid was
serving as her college radio station's RPM director and also working at
Breakbeat Science, the US's original drum & bass store. Capitalizing on their
large and widespread customer base, her demos soon spread across the country,
which led to her traveling to around the US and Puerto Rico, as well as
Ireland, Canada, and Mexico. Following her overseas stops in 2000 and after
thirteen self released mix tapes and one animated short movie for Showtime's
Shonext channel, her debut mix cd "Resonance" was released by Breakbeat
Science. The mix garnered massive critical praise and was a commercially
successful debut. In support of the release, a 40-date tour sponsored by Mixer
Magazine introduced her sound to an even wider audience. Many tours later, and
now producing tracks on a frequent, she & her producer pals recently completed
an artist album, which will be released sometime in the coming year. This is
her first time appearance in the valley so lets give her a warm welcome as we
enter the infectious ride of the REID SPEED.

DJ PROXXYInstinctive Grooves RaversOnly Club Five; Washington, DC

For over ten years, Dj Proxxy (also known thru out the Baltimore/DC area as
Randy) has been embedded with the electronic dance music scene. His
contributions include performing at regular and one off events thru out the
Eastern region of the U.S., to working lighting at venues located in
Washington, DC such as The Edge nightclub and Nation Nightclub; to holding a
Friday night residency at Club FIVE. Proxxy has been traveling all over the
U.S. and recently the UK delivering his ability to mesh Drum and Bass with Old
and Nu Skool Breaks tracks together nicknamed style (you guessed it) Drum and
Breaks. Although normally he plays Breaks and House with Hi energy tracks,
this night he?ll be keeping a straight line down the DnB path as this nights
gonna build into a fury of Drum and Bass..

Audiotek Txdnb Records; McAllen/Brownsville

Omen's interest in music could literally be categorized like an encyclopedia,
but what quenches his thirst for sound is hip-hop and drum and bass. Becoming
involved in the rave scene as a dancer for production companies in northern
Texas, Omen took a liking to the versatile and undefined sound of drum and
bass. He has opened up for Dj's such as Dieselboy, Dj Craze and Reid Speed. His
creative and bold mixing has made him a favorite in South Texas. Nowadays Omen
has his hands in the production game currently making his own hip-hop and drum
and bass sounds, as he opens and closes this superb night of sounds @ Farenhite

18 to enter, 21 to drink
Doors open @ 9:00pm
$10 before 11:00pm $12 after
1302 W Nolana; Pharr, TX
(practically McAllen, intersection of Jackson & Nolana)

Tickets available by phone or online @ or 877.71.GROOVE
Tickets will be available at the door the night of the event.
Keep an eye out for the flyers. If you would like to help hand out flyers or spread the word, email us @ .
Instinctive Grooves, bringing the music from DC to the RGV in assosciation with the already established local crews such as Audiotek Event, JGruv and Energetik.

For all the South Texas Rave Info, and then some:

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