Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Brokeback, Texas?

I was listening to Alex and Mike on KVLY 107.9 as I was waking this morning One of them mentioned working at a 94.5 station outside the RGV where he got in trouble for playing a live version of an Eric Clapton song that plays for 9 minutes. What I thought was funny was that he said it was out in Brokeback, Texas. I'm wondering, where's that? My first thought is probably Austin. Anybody have a clue?
Sometimes those guys are funny. A lot of times they talk about stuff that doesn't really interest me, like news about Hollywood, bands, or other fluff. I usually do pay attention to Alex, Mike, and Stacy when they talk about their own experiences. There is something really compelling for me when I hear first-hand accounts of what happened to somebody. Usually people will have funny stories about what happened to them with a friend or whatever. It's those stories that they tell that make me laugh.
Gotta go, have an assignment to finish and turn in later today. I might take some pics and post them to flickr. I took some nice ones yesterday. I'll upload them slowly so as not to overwhelm the newsfeeder.

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