Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Finally, simplification

I have discovered one of those ironies of life. I was able to simplify maintenance of the different sites by making them more complicated. In addition to RGV Life, I own MissionTexas.net, Missionhsreunion.com, and SpinRGV.com. Up until today, they were all tied into the same email, flickr, myweb2.0, and other servicing accounts. So, everything blended together.

If I wanted to check my personal email, I'd have to wade through Yahoo Group posts, spam, comments, blog entries, and other stuff. Working on one site led to working on another, and another. By separating everything into different accounts, I've managed to create "mindsets". If I'm logged into RGV Life, I take care of RGV Life, and so on for the other sites. Even my pictures will feed sites separately. It was necessary to compartmentalize everything by project.

Most of my work is connected by feeds and links, so there will be some blending in the final product. The important thing is that mentally, I can make a distinction. I am now ready to make this blog about life in the RGV without it crossing neural paths with SpinRGV or the other sites, unless by design.

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