Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Life for Spin RGV

I am remaking Spin RGV. It occured to me that a CMS like php-nuke is overkill for what the site was doing. Basically, it only had one good page and the rest really wasn't doing much. The Drudge Report has it right by having one page linking to all the news of the day. In addition, Matt Drudge has the occasional story written by himself that he puts on the front page. In my case, with RGV Life, I don't have to do that. As soon as I write something here, it will come out on SpinRGV. I realize that many of you are night owls and probably read blogs in the dark, so I made SpinRGV dark to reduce the glare. I have also discovered the Brownsville Herald's newsfeed, so it is now included on the headlines.

I just need to do some CSS work to style the page a little more consistently. Through the magic of php, I was able to make the page load faster than before. The site pre-loads the feeds onto the server and then uses that to push content to you faster than the CMS was able to do. It used to have to pull content from the blogs with each load. One slow one could then delay the whole page. I expect that I will be able to so some other things with PHP, but I have to re-learn how to use it.

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