Friday, March 10, 2006

Have you ever googled yourself?

Have you ever googled yourself? Sounds dirty, right? What I mean is, have you ever searched for your name on google? You may wonder, why would I do that? You would do this just to see what information is out there about you. If you are a public official, you may get one or two entries on a search. This is because there probably is somebody out there who shares your name. In my case, there aren't that many Shaine Mata people out there, so all my stuff comes out on the first page of searches. By writing my name again just now I further mucked up the system. Back in 2000, I never came out on a search. I would be on page 5 or 6. Now I'm on page one multiple times.

Most people, however can't do that because they have common names. Try Juan Garcia. I bet each entry is going to be about different guys. Ramon Garcia turned up a link to a photographer of nude men. JD Salinas actually does come out. Laura Hinojosa does too. Aaron Pena, as a result of his blog and his media presence, actually does come out multiple times too. Let's see, Rene Guerra turns up some articles in The Monitor and government sites. Jay Palacios shows, but in articles about other people where he's mentioned, and my entries with his name show up.

In any case, googling yourself kind of shows how hidden you are to the world. My problem now, after so much writing, is that I can't hide anymore. It would be tough for me to hide on the Internet. I'll never be able to get a job where anonymity is valuable. There goes my shot at undercover work. On the plus side, I'm like the Kevin Bacon of the Rio Grande Valley, if you've ever played the Kevin Bacon game.

Try it. Type in my name and the name of a public official in Hidalgo County of whom I've written. You'll see results on the first page. For example: shaine omar guerrero.
Or how about: shaine ramon garcia.
And: shaine jay palacios

Freaky isn't it? I was messing around when I discovered this tonight. This is the reason I don't really write bad stuff about anybody. It will probably come out on the first page of the search. All I need is for somebody to tell me, "Hey, you wrote that crap about me and you want an interview?" That's why Kevin Bacon is such a nice guy; everybody is connected to him. Oh shoot, now google is going to connect me with Kevin Bacon. Dammit!

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