Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm at it again

I'm going to apply for jobs at UTPA again. If I work part-time, I know that I'll basically be paying for gas and lunch. I really need a decent salary to cover tuition and other expenses. I'm deficient a few hours because I dropped a couple classes last time I was here three years ago. This means that I need to take Summer courses to make up for the deficient hours. You can only make them up in the Summer. So, the classes I'm taking now count for my GPA, but don't count for Financial Aid. So, I have to pay this semester and the Summer. It's going to be tough to pay this semester as it is, so I definitely won't make it into Summer courses this year. This means that I will have to wait yet another year before I can make up the deficient hours and qualify for financial aid. So, you see, I really don't have much choice. I have to have a decent paying job in order to be able to graduate soon. The problem is, if I could get a decent paying job, I wouldn't have to come back to school. It's a vicious circle.

A salaried job would also give me the ability to wait for classes that I want to take. Some courses are not offered every semester, so as I get closer to graduating, my choices will diminish. This means that I would be forced to take fluff courses in order to defer my current student loans until graduation. Under current rules, you must be enrolled at least half-time to be able to defer. If I find a decent job, then I could afford to pay back the loans while simultaneously taking courses. In fact, I really would not need financial aid, which is a better option for me. But it's all hypothetical. I have to receive the phone call for an interview first.

Here are the jobs for which I am applying at

  • Computer Equipment Maintenance Tech I
  • Laborer I
  • Records Technician
  • Cadet/Police Officer I
  • Full Time Guard I
  • Human Resources Technician I
  • Secretary I
  • Administrative Associate-SSN Training Coordinator
  • Maintenance Worker I

By using the shotgun approach, I hope I hit something. Some of these jobs are relisted, but I'm applying again. I just need one shot, if I can get it. Otherwise, Pizza Hut across the street is interviewing on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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