Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm in business

I’m kicking off my entry into the business market. I am offering computer and errand services. In short, I am offering the public an Odd Jobs Service. I am still working on some of the details, but I can take care of those as I go. My new website is at (drumroll please).....

The basic structure is there, but it is still a work in process. I need to flesh it out and add some pictures here and there to keep it from being too plain.

If you are in the Rio Grande Valley, I hope you will keep me in mind when you are looking for somebody to help you with an odd job. It can be at home or in the business.

If you live outside the Rio Grande Valley and need somebody to conduct some business on your behalf, I can help you. Perhaps you have elderly parents and would like somebody to check up on them here to help them out with things. I’d be glad to do that too.

I am grateful if you are able to let others know about me. You can contact me by calling (956) – 4 3 2 – 4 3 2 2. Thank you.

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