Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sad Decision

I have come to a sad decision tonight. I am removing Edinburg News from the
front page of SpinRGV and from any links on my sites. I had hoped that the
blog would improve with the passing of the election and actually work to
elevate the Rio Grande Valley in general and Edinburg politics in
particular. It appears that the author(s) have chosen to continue on a path
of character assassination, deception, and innuendo. I've had requests to
remove the site, but have been reluctant in the interest of fairness.
Finally, the blog has reached the point where they are calling the pockets
where they are going to sink their target. I'm afraid I cannot be party to
helping the blog get attention any longer.

A website is successful by two standards, the amount of readers it gets and
the number of sites that link to it. RGV Life and SpinRGV, from this point
on, will no longer link to the site and I will no longer read any more
posts. My previous post is the last of the sort. I still have most of the
site's deleted posts cached for future reference, just in case. I'm not one
to tell my readers what to do as you can make your own decisions. I do
recommend letting that blog wither on the vine. If you give them too much
attention, they may end up targeting you one day. For now, we know that City
of Edinburg employees are facing some tough times ahead as the targets of a
political witch hunt. I suggest you support them whenever you have a chance.

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