Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We Have Green Light

My recent proposal to Rio Grande Valley bloggers to help me create a roundtable panel to discuss issues and interview people in the RGV for a podcast has had a positive response. There are several of you on-board with the project, or at least expressed interest. I'm glad to have received such enthusiasm for the podcast. If you are an RGV blogger, a joint podcast would have the following benefits:
  • Better chance of getting interviews through collective influence. If you are looking to share your ideas, it is better to have several bloggers writing about it than having only one.
  • The information gathered from the podcast would provide all of us with content for our blogs. We could each ask the guest what interests us and then we could individually write our opinions prior to the release of the podcast. One caveat is that we would need to be nice to our guests to ensure that they return.
  • The podcast would raise the bar for blogging in the RGV. A joint podcast would allow us to discuss ideas prior to writing about them so that we are aware of other views in the RGV blogging community and can address them in our writing.
  • The podcast would help avoid local "media bias". I've had officials inform me how difficult it is to get press when your critics/opponents are related to the reporters in the paper or TV.
Overall, I think this project has great potential for RGV politics bloggers. I'll be working to acquire equipment, develop a plan, and firm up the plan in the coming months. I will be in touch with those of you who have expressed interest. If you would also like to be on-board, send me an email so that I can add you to my list. This way, you'll be kept abreast on the details of the project as they roll out. I'll be working up north for a while, but I'll keep working on the project in my spare time. Don't forget, I hope to have this off the ground by October. Projects require time and money. I've got plenty of the first, but not enough of the second. Upon returning, I should have a better ratio. If I can get broadband access, we may be able to do a couple test conferences ahead of my scheduled return for practice. We should get to know each other in conference first so that we can get a feel for how to interact with minimal confusion.
I do need some things from participants.
  • send me some topic ideas
  • send me some guest ideas
  • ask me questions
  • express any concerns
RGV Life Podcast

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