Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Learning about the old ways

I made mention of a recent experience on RGV Life Podcast #16 that I want to share in writing as well. I had the recent opportunity to walk 5 miles from the north of Mission to Madero, which is a part of Mission on the south side. The trek was around 2pm in full daylight. During the hot season in the Rio Grande Valley, residents suffer through high humidity. It doesn't matter if the day is sunny or overcast, the humidity will have you sweating like a cheese if you exert youself in any way.

So there I was, walking around town and it dawned on me, I could sure use a handkerchief to wipe my brow. I realized why young people do not use handkerchiefs like people of previous generations did. We are accustomed to driving everywhere and often with air conditioning. We no longer have perspiration on our brows to wipe, so we no longer need handkerchiefs. So, the articles used to be a necessity rather than a fashion accessory. People of previous generations walked places because cars were a luxury.

Another realization I came to was the need for bags when you are on foot. It is really inconvenient to walk with your hands full. So, if you're on foot, it is handy to have a bag with you to put stuff you are carrying or that you acquire on your walk. This way you have a free hand to pull out your handkerchief and wipe the sweat off your brow.


K H said...

Funny you should mention the bag deal. Nearly everyone in Europe uses a bag of some sort because of all the walking in cities. It really is the best way to get things done and bring your stuff with you. I have a question, there is this church in McAllen, possibly in Hidalgo that is really old, historic. I want to say that it is located somewhere near Old Military Highway, maybe about 5 miles from the Foreign Trade Zone. I think it might be near Pepe's on the River, I cannot recall as I have not been out there in several years. Do you have any clue? My grandmother told me that at one time it was a monastery and then was owned by the city and used as offices or something, which I find very unusual. Anyway, tell me if you know anything.

Writer said...

You're right. European cities are much easier to get around on foot than driving. The sort of things you realize when you're on foot.

The church to which you refer is St.Peter's Novitiate which was built by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. In 1912, the Missionary Oblates constructed St. Peter's Novitiate on the top of the hill. The building was used as a training center for student priests until the 1950s.

It was used as a psychiatric center for a while. I don't know what its current use is.

Anonymous said...

hey check out this blog about St. Peter's novitiate.

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