Monday, May 22, 2006

Now What?

My wife came back from doing laundry at her mother's, today. Our apartments have a coin-operated laundry, so we do our best not to use it. This was a few hours ago. She came back telling me that I should go up North. She believes that I won't be happy staying here in the RGV. Alma tells me that I'm settling for what I can get, again, like I have in the past. She doesn't want to see me anxious and restless as I have been as the end of the job I was offered draws near. This is a major development as she has been opposed to my leaving up until now.
Geez, what timing. I start work tomorrow, if I stay. If I go, I need to go in and tell them that I won't be accepting the job. This makes it really short notice, and I hate to do that. Now I'm up trying to decide whether to migrate or stay in the RGV. There's several factors. One of them is leaving my family. My wife, whose opinion matters to me, has effectively given me her blessing. There are other people who matter to me who are opposed to my leaving the RGV. The reason why I believe that my future lies outside of the RGV is that most of the people with whom I grew up have left and made something of themselves. Some have come back. Those who have done something with themselves here, had a family business to join or had financial support while they went through college. Or, in the case of the really pretty ones, have had no problem getting hired. The point is, nobody who wasn't already connected has "made it" here. They made it somewhere else and came back.
My wife also visited with our comadre today. She and her husband came down from Arkansas for the weekend. He's working at Tyson processing chicken. He got the job soon after getting out of prison. Now he's earning $10/hr and they are buying a duplex. That's not "get rich" pay, but try getting that in the RGV. He knew, right away when he got out, that he would have to leave home. My sister-in-law and her husband moved to Houston because they couldn't make it here either.
As for the blogging it would no longer be RGV Life. I'd probably have to change the name or start a new one. Spin RGV pretty much runs itself, it pulls feeds automatically and updates without any involvement from me. The SpinRGV Blog I could do remotely. It's just a matter of copying and pasting press releases. I would lose out a bit while I get myself a computer and Internet access. I may have to do a lot of audio blog entries until I'm set up. But then I'd be back in business soon after. My other blogs, and can be maintained via email as well. I can manage blogging with a T-Mobile Sidekick II if I can't get a computer.
Staying is the easy part. I just go in to work. If I leave, I've got until Friday to prepare for the trip. So, what do I think? Both options are good. If I stay, I would work at doing something new and untested. If I go, I'm on my own somewhat. I have to find a way to make it, sink or swim. Both promise to be an adventure. Except one only lasts a few weeks. The other could be anywhere from a few months to a few years. I'll be back for certain. The RGV is a good place to retire. Let me think and make a decision.

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Mack T. Harrison said...

Shaine, good luck in whatever you decide to do. I know how hard leaving the Valley can be.

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