Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Local blogger targeting City of Edinburg employees

I was shocked to read the following post at Edinburg News:
What do we know about the Director of Solid Waste? Here is my email address. It's This is for anyone that wants to vent out any frustration within city hall. If you think there has been any wrongdoing in this or any other department. If you feel like you have done everything in your power to address the situation to other figure heads. And still nothing has been done about it. Here at Edinburg News we will not try to identify anyone who leaves an email. You can keep it anonymous. Or if you like you can put a name. Doesn't really matter to me. I understand there is a lot of people upset in this department. I'd like to hear from you and to see what you all have to say in a form of an email.
Do you believe the gall of this writer to openly solicit any dirt on a public employee? This writer has become emboldened by the triumph of his or her candidate, Joe Ochoa, in winning back the Mayor's office. Obviously, we cannot assume a direct connection between Joe Ochoa and this writer. Ochoa has not officially endorsed, nor has the writer claimed any direct connection with the mayor. However, Edinburg News could have looked for dirt on city employees before Joe Ochoa took office. There was plenty of time to put people in the crosshairs prior to the election. It is reasonable to assume that the writer is emboldened to take down city employees because he/she feels certain that it would now be "actionable" under the current administration. Again, no known ties, but it doesn't put the mayor in a good light when such a staunch supporter of his goes out and starts political assassination of public employees.

It's one thing to support a candidate with great enthusiasm. It's probably passable to dig up dirt on your candidate's opponent or to spin things to make your candidate's opponent look bad. But this, to go out on a fishing expedition for anything that can be used against a public employee, is reprehensible. With the iron fist with which Ochoa is said to run the city, I'm sure he could get rid of anybody he wants out or suspects is questionable. So, why would Edinburg News care so much about the Director of Solid Waste to solicit any leads to oust him? Obviously, somebody wants the Director out.

Maybe the Director of Public Waste is not doing a good job or maybe he's doing a great job. That's not the point. The bigger point is that this may be the modus operandi of getting rid of "troublesome people" in the city's employ. We shall see in time. I suggest City of Edinburg employees be very careful from here on out. There's a character sniper out to get anybody who gets in the way. In the military, a sniper is more of a psychological weapon than a weapon of mass destruction. The aim, no pun intended, is to demoralize the enemy. I think this may very well be what happens to the city, demoralized workers. Way to go Edinburg News, that's a great way to show your love for the City of Edinburg.

Edinburg News has a history of throwing out dirt that is not true. In another post, I point out a major untruth that would undermine the public's faith in the City of Edinburg. The page has since been deleted to cover up the lies, but pages on the internet live in caches.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Don't Drink the Water

The average family has a long day at work. They come home turn the
water faucet on to make ice tea or kool aid for the kids. And then later that night someone gets sick. Blame your edinburg city council. On June 9, 2005 the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Fined the City of Edinburg $26,600 for a Violation of Water Quality Regulations. Now do you still feel confident in drinking the water? As for me Im not taking any chances.P.S. Don’t forget the tax freeze on the elderly and disabledThe Palacios Gold MineEver wonder where the Palacios live? Ever seen their homes? Ever wonder how they can afford to live the way they do? But yet it seems like they can’t even find a place to put Nick’s son Joey Palacios to work. So what do they do? We the tax payers are responsible for his check. A 51,000 annual salary to be assistant city manager. With NO EXPERIENCE. Also you think it was luck that the city hired Daniel Rios for city attorney with NO EXPERIENCE making $240,000 a year or $20,000 a month for a part time job. No this is what happens when you work in the same building of Ricky Palacios (Nick’s son). Imagine the yard? I wonder how much they pay the gardener?If you drive down business 281 you will see a lot of signs for Richard Garcia for mayor. And you think wow he has a lot of support.
Well all these properties are owned by you guessed it the Palacios family.Kudos to Gene Espinoza for standing up to Noe Garza when Noe made reference to the restaurants saying “We all know the best restaurants are in Mcallen.” Right away Gene spoke up for this great city. But Gene was the only one. Your mayor Richard Garcia said nada, zip, zero. Way to go Gene!!Again you have Richard coming out with ads in the paper saying how edinburg this and edinburg that but guess what people? The council is still saying NO to the tax freeze for the elderly and disabled. Happy Easter Don’t Eat to Much CandyPSS Don’t forget the tax freeze for the elderly!!!!Tomorrow on Edinburg News: Edinburg Mayor Richard Garcia or Edinburg Republican Mayor Richard Garcia stay tuned!!!
posted by Edinburg
News at 7:07

In another post, Edinburg News claims endorsement for the Mayor by an official, who endorsed the opponent. Edinburg News has deleted old posts to avoid being caught in lies, but the pages are still cached. I'll republish it here to preserve the embarrassing history.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Rep. Endorses both Richard Garcia & Joe Ochoa

The Palacios family seem to be looking for votes outside the city of edinburg. What does that mean? They have decided to give up on Republican Mayor Richard Garcia. And concentrate on getting Omar elected. Can you say I told you so. I told you that if the Palacios feel they are losing a certain race. They would just drop their candidate. So now they will have complete focus on getting Omar elected. Omar carries the Palacios name. And for Omar to lose would be a big blow to the high egos the Palacios family has. It seems like Richard’s legacy will be that he said NO to the tax freeze for the elderly and disabled. Can the Palacios pull it off in getting Omar elected? The way I see it. To close to call!!!Everyone I talked to tells me that the Palacios family are down, depressed and in shock. About the events that have taken place since the election started. Well hopefully I’ve opened the door on how to go after these people. You expose them and there family. Take it from someone that was extremely close to the family. But now with a fall out between me and some of them. Here I am with Edinburg News!!!!State Rep Aaron Pena Jr seems to be endorsing both candidates. I saw a picture with him and Richard. And then I saw a photo with him and Joe. What’s going on? Comments from Aaron endorsing Joe include:Mayor Joe Ochoa has served the citizens of Edinburg with great integrity and foresight, helping to usher in a period of unprecedented economic growth, improved educational opportunities, new infrastructure projects, andlong-awaited family entertainment facilities Rep Aaron PenaHe has played an instrumental role in attracting to the city new family-oriented entertainment venues, including the Edinburg Professional Baseball Stadium, the and Carmike Cinemas 20, the most technically advanced movie theater complex south of San Antonio; moreover, he has helped to raise the stature of the community by twice leading it to a prestigious All-America City award Rep Aaron PenaMayor Ochoa has helped the city to obtain more than $125 million in new state funds to upgrade U.S. Highway 281, which one day will be known as Interstate Highway 69, and to secure many more tens of millions of dollars for the enhancement of major traffic corridors; a strong proponent of higher education, he has worked closely with state officials and University of Texas System regents to dramatically upgrade the facilities at The University of Texas--Pan American in Edinburg and to create The University ofTexas Regional Academic Health Center in Edinburg Rep Aaron PenaMayor Ochoa may reflect with pride on these many outstanding accomplishments, and his future achievements will no doubt continue to add to his already remarkable legacy as a public servant, a legacy that is perhaps best captured by a quotation from the writer George Eliot: "Our deeds still travel with us from afar,And what we have been makes us what we are."; now, therefore, be it Rep Aaron PenaEdinburg News continues to take to the streets of Edinburg. We continue to bring politics to your front door. When all is said and done. Edinburg News will have passed out 20,000 flyers in reference to this election.Don’t forget election day this Saturday at your local precinct. Don’t forget about the tax freeze for the elderly and disabled!!
posted by Edinburg News at 3:44

The Rep. said...
I have but one endorsement for the Mayor of the City of Edinburg and that is Mayor Richard Garcia. Best wishes to Mr. Ochoa and his family, but in my opinion our city's future is best served with our current mayor. That future will require that we all work together and put aside the differences that have developed over the years. I would hope that each of us join in that effort.
4:27 PM
Edinburg Committee said...
The Honorable Aaron Pena has put you in place about
where he stands. I hope you respect that.Thank you Representative Pena!Thank you Councilman Gene Espinosa!
4:46 PM
Anonymous said...
EdggNews you're a hack!
4:47 PM
Anonymous said...
E-News!How can you defend Supersplash, Calpine, Los Lagos, Glasscock, giving away streets? You can't, 'cause you benefit directly from Ochoa's largess to his cronies. Look up there are more people in Edinburg than your selfish, greedy group of people.
4:49 PM
Edinburg News
Richard Garcia had a fun raiser bar be cue last night in Pharr. Hey
mayor what are you doing in Pharr? Arent you running in Edinburg? Or is it that you want to raise money in case if you lose. So you can repay the loan you got out? Or have you lost your close friends of the Palacios?
5:26 PM
Edinburg Proud
Thank you Rep. Pena for setting Edinburg News straight. I know you
have been in Austin working for your district, but these are the type of lies we have been reading on this site for the past two months. Also thanks Edinburg Committee for your confidence and support.


Anonymous said...

Please, I can personally say that they blog site is not coming out of Eddie's office and that the people weren't passing out the site address.

Earn, quit making up lies. You can not put Mr. Ochoa on this guys.

IF htis is the case, than you can say that Earn is being directly endorsed by Richard Garcia/Palacios Family for writing in all his posts...

all he has done is slander Mr. Ochoa's name. So that must mean he is being endoresed the other way.

To whoever wrote this blog, don't assume the connections. It could be a political stunt by the other side to make Mr. Ochoa look bad. Don't assume anything. You seem to give Earn the benefit of the doubt, why can't it be the same for Edinburg News.

Earn has posted nothing but negativity about Mr. Ochoa camoflauging it with the so called "Truth" that needs to be told.

Everything that is written on these blogs should be taken in half truth. It is wrong for YOU to even bring Mr. Ochoa's name up with Edinburg News...

Writer said...

Earn thumps people on the head indiscriminately depending on his or her opinion of who's doing a good job. Earn has written about Ochoa, Ramon Garcia, Omar Guerrero, the Leos in La Joya, and other politicos. Earn is perfectly capable of defending the blog personally; my point is that Earn has a broader scope than being a mere "hitman" for Richard Garcia. In fact, I think Earn would be insulted to be called a pawn of anybody.

Another important note is that Earn backs up assertions with links to sources of information. EN has never bothered to back up "facts" and has been caught lying. Even if you disagree with Earn, the facts remain.

I don't have to connect EN to Joe Ochoa. I have copies of old posts where EN states having worked for Ochoa's campaign.

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