Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Picking Up Speed

My goal to turn SpinRGV into a central clearinghouse of political and local government information is beginning to grow legs. When you start doing something that is totally alien to your everyday life, you don't know how to get what you need. When I started out on the project, I had not the slightest idea how to ask for press releases. Some press secretaries blew me off because I was obviously not aware of what I needed. I figured out how to ask to be added to media lists and have had good response thus far. Of course, the more sources of news I add, the more legitimacy my project gains. This, in turn, makes it easier to convince others to participate.
This being a low budget project, meaning no budget, has also contributed to the difficulty of getting things going. I have to be mindful of where I spend my mobile minutes as we have foregone the need for a home phone. I had a break, recently, in that I have improved internet speed at home. This allows me to use the Gizmo Project for phone calls. Now, it's really affordable to engage in the phone calls and follow ups necessary to get added to media lists; they charge only 1 cent per minute to anywhere in the U.S.
I've also taken up contacting fellow bloggers to get to know them better and see what, if anything, we have in common. So, if I call you or send you an email, it's just me trying to add some depth to your online persona. All we see are words on a computer screen. There is somebody behind those words. I've got a few minutes to get Podcast #17 going. Stay tuned.

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