Tuesday, August 29, 2006


My wife and I finally decided to go to the local Mexican restaurant to eat. We have been reluctant to go there because we heard that it wasn't that great. We also heard that it was good. So, rather than go and be dissatisfied, we decided to not go. The Mrs.. really had a desire for Mexican food, so we decided to give in and try it. The food wasn't bad. They took a little artistic license with the names of the dishes, making it a little difficult to determine what they are. You can never go wrong with an enchilada plate, so I ordered that.
One thing we miss about the RGV is fajitas. You can't find any fajitas in rural Wisconsin. Granted, they are chewy and tough sometimes; but they have a distinctive smell and taste when they are cooked. It was a great pleasure to learn that the restaurant sells fajitas. The restaurant is decorated with all kinds of Mexican artifacts. There are Barrilitos soft drinks by the front counter, which has the horns of a longhorn mounted to the wall. There is an assortment of hot sauces right in front of the cash register for use and for purchase. Just as is Mexican custom, some Christmas tinsel is still out. The tables have Mexican art sealed onto them. Ours had an Aztec warrior. The windows were the expected red, white, and green. Besides the staff, we were the only other Mexicans there. As the sun was setting, the light came through the windows and illuminated the haze that permeated the restaurant. In the corner, you could see the rising steam off the coffee pots with the reflected sunlight. The most beautiful part of our experience, after we ate, was walking to the van smelling like fajitas. I could cry.


Anonymous said...

Hey if your ever in appleton ..theres a good place called El Azteca.. super good fajitas.. i know it cant compare to the valley but it brings back memories.. U know any good links to the valley life?

Jose m

Writer said...

I haven't been to Appleton recently. If I do go, I'll be sure to check out El Azteca.

What kind of links do you seek for the valley?

Anonymous said...

Any thing that can show pictures of the valley..the hidalgo county preferably!!

Writer said...

I don't know any sites devoted to the RGV with pictures. There are sites from the RGV, and they have some pics. Have you tried Flickr.com to find pics? Do a search of the tags with words related to the RGV. Maybe that will help.

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