Monday, August 28, 2006

I have my hands full

In the next couple weeks, I am looking at a packed schedule. Well, it's not just me, all the  staff at work will be busy. The Head Start will be under federal review this year, so we have to make sure everything is perfect. I spent my first week as a teacher with my own class outside redoing the playground. Consequently, I don't have a handle on the paperwork yet. I need to master the paper beast this week and get all the odd jobs at the center out of the way. I also need to start working on my courses for the CDA (Associates in Child Development). I am low on energy and ideas for writing. I expect that I'll have time to post any press releases sent to SpinRGV, but not enough to write my own posts. The review team arrives September 10th and will leave that same week. After that, I'll have more time to devote to blogging. If I do get any ideas, I will probably do audio entries to save time.

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