Sunday, August 20, 2006

Latest good fortune

I spent the last couple days working at the school. We are taking out the wood chips that covered the surface of the playground to redo the entire surface. I've been shoveling wood chips and wheel barreling them onto a U-Haul, only to unload the truck again. Fortunately, my body is still in decent shape after having worked at Seneca. The shoveling is tiresome, but I am not sore. The only thing that hurts is my clavicle; I ran into the handle of the wheel barrel when it got caught prematurely. The greatest thing is that I will be raking in a ton of overtime as a result. This is good.
My wife and I also had more good fortune today, we saved a ton of money at Wal-Mart. Having lived in the RGV for so long, we have grown accustomed to buying sandals, shorts, t-shirts, and other cool clothing all year. Up in Wisconsin, these are seasonal clothes that are put on clearance. We found shirts for $1 and $3. I bought shoes for $3 and $5. Suffice it to say, we made killing on savings. The beauty is that we can use these clothes when we go home. I also saw a sign at the local JC Penney that advertised a 75% off sale. We didn't grab stuff that was close to the retail price; we looked for stuff that was deeply discounted. I think I like having seasons.

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