Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Court Date

I called the Mission Municipal Court this morning to find out the status of my court date reset. I missed the first date because I did not receive the notice until after the date had passed. I called to find out when my court date would be and the clerk told me that it was the previous week on Friday. When I got home and checked the day's mail, my letter was there. Before leaving Texas, I requested a court date reset. My next court date will be in September. I think I should be back by then. Chalk this up to one of the things that are incompatible with migrant life, courts. It seems that a migrant would be better off paying the fine, even if unjust, rather than travel back to the RGV to appear in court and then go back north to work. Given that the public has no say on a court date, a migrant cannot "pencil in" a date as it appears. Keep in mind that migrants are generally low-income. Keeping a good record, therefore, would involve losing a significant portion of income. In my case, we are earning more than a typical migrant would; but, fighting a ticket long-distance is still a formidable challenge.

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