Sunday, August 27, 2006

New changes to SpinRGV

While trolling though other local blogs, I found some more local ones that I have added to SpinRGV. Just like RGV Life, they don't always write about politics, but occasionally do delve into the subject. More importantly, the bloggers write about things in the Rio Grande Valley. The blogs added are Being Sandy Feet, Edinburg Rocks, and Life As I See It. I also removed Octavio's feed as there were no updates.
Let's keep in mind that the RGV blogging and news landscape is ever evolving. I'll do my best to keep up with the changes. Another change I made was reduce the feeds from the last 4 posts to only the last 3. The last change is a background change on the server. Rather than re-feed blogs using the ATOM feed through Feedburner, I pulled feeds straight from blogs using their RSS feed. This should improve instances when Feedburner is running slow and fails to redirect.

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