Friday, August 04, 2006

They are home

My daughter and mother arrived in the RGV around 10 am. Mom got some needed rest and the girl got some needed spoiling from my mother-in-law. My wife and I are relieved that they are safe. We can't wait for the next few weeks to end so that we can reunite with our daughter.
Just as a practical matter, I changed my Virgin Mobile rate plan to something that includes unlimited nights and weekends to three phone numbers of my choice. The numbers I chose include the two grandmas' homes and my wife's phone so that we can stay in touch without racking up my monthly cost.
I have some other news with a latent effect. My wife has decided to finish out this month and then head to the RGV. This effectively means that I shall be here by myself until October. This is partially due to getting back with our first child and as a result of some other issues. I would like to leave too, but I asked some people to stick up for me to get me back into the school. I don't want to leave them holding the bag, so I'll tough it out.
In any case, the new plan will be handy when my wife returns to the RGV. I put the plan to use earlier this evening with a couple of long phone calls.

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