Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Job Lead

There is a possibility that I could end up staying in Wisconsin for longer than intended. There is a job opening, for which I have applied, that is year round. The organization has had the posting up for months without anybody showing interest in it. There is some travel involved, mostly in-state. When I first saw the job posting, I skipped over it because one of the first things it states is that a Bachelor's degree plus 2 years experience or Associates with 4 years experience is required. I've got the experience, but not the degree. I've had two people from the organization urge me to apply for the job, given my technical skills. So, today, I applied for the job. We'll see how it goes.

I talked it over with my wife. If I do get hired, she does not want to spend a snowy winter in Wisconsin, "no matter how beautiful it is." She would head back home to spend the Fall and Winter Holidays. Eventually, she would make arrangements to move out of the RGV and rejoin me up here. I'd keep myself busy working, I suppose. The job is salaried, so I can expect long hours. Well, I won't jump ahead of myself. Let's see how things go at the interview. Given how long the job has been unfilled, I think I can ask to finish out the season where I am.

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