Tuesday, August 08, 2006

She thought, I thought

This weekend, my wife and I straightened each other out. She wanted to do something, and I want to do something. We thought we both understood the situation, but it turns out we both misunderstood. Let me give you some more detailed generalities. She was planning on returning to the RGV at the end of August. I was planning on staying here in Wisconsin until October. I thought she decided to go home on her own, with the boy and that I would stay here. She thought that I would be joining her to go home. We sorted that out.
I had mentally accepted that I would be up here alone through September. After we got on the same page, my wife decided to stick it out through the entire season. She has good reasons for wanting to leave. I understand her point of view. In my case, I want to stay for several reasons, but two very good ones.
First, the center manager stuck her neck out for me to get me back into he program with UMOS after I quit to go to Seneca. It would be lousy of me to walk off again. I don't want to burn the same damn bridge.
Second, I'm earning good money here in Wisconsin; and, I have the prospect of paid training for a CDL to drive school buses. I may also get a paid Associate's in Child Development (CDA). I'm not too hot on that one; but, it counts towards earning more money. In short, my work is valued and rewarded here. If I tough it out, I could end up working at the Head Start at home. I'd only earn $16K, but it's better than minimum wage or being jobless.
It sounds like a criticism of the RGV when I write that I have nothing waiting for me back home. It's not a criticism of the RGV, simply my personal prospects. My wife has a good chance of getting rehired at her old job. She has other options available too. I have few to none.
In my case, I have no job to which to return. I plan on finishing my degree, so a decent job is out of the question because of scheduling issues. So, between October and January, when classes start, I can only look forward to a temporary job, which means minimum wage or not much better. I'd rather delay and minimize my exposure to that situation. I guess we'll be home in October.

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