Saturday, September 02, 2006

Another Working Saturday

Here I am listening to my Yahoo! radio station, ready to crash out. Today is another working Saturday, the fifth in a row. I'm looking forward to another day of work tomorrow. There is a good chance that I'll have a 6th working weekend as our deadline draws near. Once the federal review team is gone, I may have a free weekend before heading back to the Rio Grande Valley.

Last night, we visited one of our co-workers who had a bonfire going. They basically light up logs and sit around drinking. This is cool because evenings are starting to dip into the 40's already. The bonfire is, therefore, very handy. We stayed out there for a while and had fun chatting. I've been invited to go duck hunting next weekend. My critical thinking skills weren't in effect after a couple beers, so I agreed to go. I guess the trip shall have to be postponed. I've never shot a shotgun or gone on any kind of hunting trip. If it happens, it should prove interesting. I understand that duck hunting is similar to fishing in that whether you catch anything or not is besides the point. You're out there to have fun and drink beer. That sounds achievable. Maybe I'll even get a duck.

I understand that it gets damn cold out here in winter. The snow drifts get chest high. Temperatures drop to 30 below zero. At this temperature, you could pour hot water out of a pot and it would be frozen when it hits the ground. I considered, at one point, staying here to work until December to head home and go to school. On second thought, I'm getting my Mexican behind back in the Rio Grande Valley ASAP.


Gene Espinoza said...

Hello Shaine,
Glad to hear you will be heading south soon. Hope your hunting went well. If you bag your first duck remember, you have to drink some blood from your first kill. Just KIDDING! Good Luck!

Writer said...

I'm going to have to skip the duck hunt until after the federal review. I hope that they still have a trip out there when I'm done. No way am I drinking duck blood.

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