Sunday, September 17, 2006

First Thing Upon Arriving in Texas

My wife and I have been discussing what we will do upon our arrival in Texas. I know that Texas is a large state, but once there, we are practically home. In any case, as soon as we see the first Whataburger, we are stopping. We really miss the occasional nice, juicy Whataburger with jalapeños. And there is always their delicious grilled chicken sandwich. In just a little over two weeks, we'll have the pleasure of savoring these delicious Texas classics. We can't wait.
Other things that we will do include going through all of our mail, making sure all our bills are paid, and just catching up with friends and family. On more practical matters, we have a rust bucket van that needs a few tweaks to get the air conditioning working. It isn't an issue in Wisconsin as the weather has been very cool. We also need to have some body work to remove rust. We'll probably have the work done across the border in Reynosa.
The Mrs. will be looking into getting back to work and starting her public school teacher certification process. She's a bit conflicted as to whether to land the safe, secure job right away or gamble a little on the teacher certification. The basis for her inner debate is that she'd have to take a couple of tests. Her ability to teach in public school is dependent on whether she passes the tests. So, she struggles between a definite and a maybe.
In my case, I'll probably visit my friends at China Wok and Confetti to see how life is treating them. There are some other notable people of interest I'd like to visit to find out what has transpired during our absence. Then, of course, there is always the job hunt. We shall have to see what kind of job I can land. Fortunately, many businesses will be gearing up for the Holidays, so I have a good chance at finding a job. Then, there are always jobs with municipalities, schools, and other public entities where I can apply. Whatever happens, my first order of business is a Whataburger. I understand that there will be a new Whataburger on the corner of Conway and 3 mile line in Mission. Life is good.

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