Thursday, January 28, 2010

United Brownsville kicks-off with signing ceremony

BROWNSVILLE, TX- JANUARY 21, 2010- The wheels of change kept their momentum today as The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College and six other entities launched United Brownsville with a signing ceremony at City Hall.


Starting where Imagine Brownsville left off, the newly formed United Brownsville will have an organizational structure designed to provide a sustainable mechanism for cooperation to leverage institutional resources for the implementation and tracking of the initiatives in the Imagine Brownsville plan.  


"We must again come together," said UTB/TSC President and a United Brownsville Board Co-chair Dr. Juliet V. Garcia. "Any one of us alone can achieve small things, but it takes a community to come together to achieve bigger things."


UTB/TSC was asked to collaborate as a full partner with the community around the implementing the key investments and strategies identified in Imagine Brownsville as a member of the United Brownsville Plan Coordinating Board. 


The board represents a new approach to create a more sustainable, competitive regional community.  The University joins with city of Brownsville, the Port of Brownsville Independent School District, the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation, the Brownsville Public Utilities Board and the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation on the board. 


"What's more exciting is we are taking the next step in moving forward with the notion of a plan to a movement of making things happen," said UTB/TSC Vice President for Economic Development and Community Services and a board Co-Chair board member, Irv Downing. "All this is beyond just one institution and only when we leverage our resources can Brownsville really meet the challenges."


The Imagine Brownsville Comprehensive Plan provided the foundation for guiding the future growth of the Brownsville Borderplex that is consistent with the vision and goals of the community. The development of the plan involved the participation of hundreds of residents and institutions throughout the process.


"When we agreed to lead Imagine Brownsville, it was never meant to be a plan that would sit on the shelf when it was completed," said President and CEO of International Bank of Commerce and board Co-Chair Fred Rusteberg. "Plans demand action, and that's what United Brownsville is about. We are excited to begin the implementation phase of the plan. This is a truly an historic occasion."


The plan outlines the key private and public sector strategies needed to create a more sustainable competitive community in order to attract the capital and resources needed to improve the economic development and quality of life of the Brownsville area.


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