Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harlingen Tea Party - Announcing, Candidate Forums for Primary

Harlingen Tea Party
Candidate Forums for 2 March Primary 
8 January 2010
Only SIX WEEKS until early voting for the Congressional Primaries!  It is important for each of us to study and select our choice of candidate! 
Harlingen Tea Party will sponsor Candidate Open Forum meetings on Tuesday, January 26 and February 2, 2010 at 6 PM at the Harlingen Public Library.  Note we will be starting at 6 PM, an hour earlier that usual. 
The meeting on January 26 will feature candidates for office in the 27th Congressional District.  Republicans Willie Vaden, Jessica Bradshaw and James Duerr, Libertarian Ed Mishou and the Democratic incumbent, Solomon Ortiz, are invited.  
The meeting on February 2 will feature candidates for office in the 15th Congressional District.  Republicans Eddie Zamora, Paul Haring and Daniel Garza, Libertarian Aaron Cohn, and the Democratic candidate Doug Purl and incumbent, Ruben Hinojosa, are invited. 
These meetings are intended to let us hear from each individual candidate.  Questions from the audience will be permitted.  The format for the meeting will be different, guaranteed to allow each candidate to communicate his positions to our members. 
After hearing the candidates, a straw vote will be taken!  Come and support the candidates of your choice!
The Harlingen area is split among the two congressional districts (15 and 27).  Everyone is encouraged to attend both meetings.  We may not be able to actually vote in both district elections, but we all know someone in the "other" district - so come on out and determine the best candidate to recommend to your friends and neighbors. 
See ya at the straw polls on January 26 and February 2!
Donnie Thompson

Rio Grande Valley Tea Party Association | 5111 N. 10th, #298 | McAllen | TX | 78504

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