Thursday, December 07, 2006

Waitz Winterfest

Waitz Winterfest
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Today, after school, my daughter called me to tell me that her mom told her to ask me if I would take her and her brother to the Winterfest at Waitz Elementary. That was her diplomatic way of asking me to take her. I don't know how to desribe it, but I could hear in her voice that she wanted to go. I told her that I'd call her as soon as I was on my way home so everybody could get ready. As a parent, sometimes you don't want to do some things or go places; but you do them anyway because you know that you'll find more pleasure in seeing your family have a good time than the displeasure of having to do it. I could sense that going would mean a lot to my daughter, so we went.

It wasn't so bad. They had menudo, funnel cake, buñuelos, frito pie, nachos, popcorn, cotton candy, sodas, tacos, and other foods. In addition, they had things for the kids to do like face painting, temporary tattoos, fishing for prizes, a haunted house, and other games. There was plenty for the kids to do. I overheard that they had a bigger turnout than expected. Perhaps this was a result of the cool, rainy weather we are having. Better to have the kids run around school than at home, right? Whatever the fundraising was for, they made over $1,000 tonight, according to the principal.

We took a parental leap, tonight. We let our daugher go around the school unsupervised with her friend. There were police present and plenty of teachers. I guess we just have to learn to let go of our sixth grader.

If your kids have school events they want to attend, I suggest you make the effort to take them. It's no fun to have to drive them over and hang out until it's over. However, if you watch your children and see how they are having so much fun, you'll enjoy yourself as well. Go out and have fun.

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