Monday, December 18, 2006

Pan Dulce and Coffee

I think that we kind of accept that we are going to gain weight over the Holidays. It's our duty to pack on a few pounds. Otherwise, we'll not have any resolutions for the New Year.

Can you believe it? We are less than 15 days away from 2007. The retrospective shows on TV will be airing soon. We'll be looking back on all the events of the past year. Some stuff we'll remember, some we would have forgotten. Some things seem like over a year ago.

Even though our winter has been unseasonably warm, even by Rio Grande Valley standards, pan dulce is beginning to make appearances. We've had some show up for the recent funeral in my wife's family. There is some pan dulce at home as well.

I have a weakness for the cornucopia-like bread with the cream inside. I also like pumpkin empanadas and some new triangles with cream cheese filling that showed up in the latest round. Of course, you wash it down with a big cup of coffee. This would be all the better with cold weather, but I'll make do. I think the brewcrew can support me on this. Pan dulce and coffee can make your troubles go away for a few moments. God bless our RGV panaderos with long life and may he bless us with postponed diabetes.

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