Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Visit to China Wok

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Today, after work, I stopped by to visit my friend Jason at China Wok in McAllen. In case you've never been there, it is a little bit south of 10th and Nolana. China Wok has been a full-service restaurant for 13 years. This means, they are not buffet. Each dish is individually prepared to your likes. If you want spicy, they make it spicy. More garlic? Just ask the waiter. Yes, you can have white sauce instead of brown sauce, or vice-versa.

Anyway, Jason was telling me that he started advertising on KURV this Monday. I'm sorry to say that I missed listening to the radio on Monday. There will be other Mondays this month when KURV does remotes.

You may be thinking that one Chinese restaurant is like all the others. Just try it. They have good stuff. I really like their egg rolls, which are hand made. They make beef egg rolls. The General Chow is delicious. That's their most popular dish. And, my favorite dish is the Jalapeño Combination plate. It makes your nose athletic (nose starts running), but it's awesome. Jason basically took the standard Chinese restaurant plates and tweaked them to RGV tastes. The biggest success, in my mind, to Mexicanizing Chinese food are the Jalapeño plates, but you've got to try China Wok's Amazing Chicken. I think I'm going to bed hungry tonight just thinking about it.

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