Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Going for the Long Haul

Lyme Hall, a.k.a. Pemberley
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My wife enjoys watching movies that take place in History; she has a degree in History. She's willing to sit through many action flicks chock full of anachronisms and inaccuracies. I think that she understands that without firm documentation by primary sources living at the time, most of History is made up anyway. She especially loves European History with all their bloody wars and court intrigues.

I don't have the same passion for History that Mrs. Mata does; however, I do appreciate the significance of History. My passion lies elsewhere; but, my understanding of History makes for wonderful dinner conversation with the Mrs.

Well, tonight, we watched Pride and Prejudice, a chick-flick. We had already seen the BBC version, but she wanted to watch the recent movie. It certainly is a period piece. It has no action. I watched it with her anyway. I'll make an effort to watch chick-flicks with Mrs. Mata as part of my long-term plan for marital harmony. There are several advantages to doing this.

The first advantage is that she gets all romantic and lovey-dovey having watched such a movie. The second advantage is that it let's me get a glimpse of what lurks inside her brain with respect to what she imagines a relationship should be. That stops these fantasies after I refuse to jump through hoops. Still, it's important to know her fantasy. Finally, watching chick-flicks gives some fodder for conversation. Talking about the kids and work gets old. It's nice to talk about and critique movies. Action movies generally limit the conversation to how well somebody beat the hell out of another person. Chick-flicks, on the other hand, tend to have more social-emotional components. This is paradise for chicks, which helps me maintain the marriage. I'm going for long-term.

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